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June the wonderful Season

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June, the most beautiful and hottest season, June, the deepest touched season,June,the most meaningful and harvest season. 27th June, our team went to Thailand for the 16th international Pet show,and visited our Client`s and also the domestic Pet market which impressed us a lot.

This is the 16th pet show in Bangkok, 80% of the exhibitors are from domestic, 20% from oversea country like China,Japan ,Singapore etc. It was very lucky that we had a very good talk with the Pet Association state and the Organized parties of this show in the second of the show, we got a lot of valuable formations from them, and learned more about the Thailand pet market and also got some important advice on how to do if we plan to sale our owned brand there,that inspired us a lot.

Also we learned that there is a very huge market in Thailand after we visiting the domestic market, you can almost find a pet shore by every street of the City.and 90% of the goods are imported from China. This is really a huge chance of us.-澳门葡京

We are planning to sell our owned brand “Soopet” “Purry” and aquarium products to Thailand in 2018.It also means our owned brands are formally announce to the oversea market. And we are already to GO!!