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Xi'an Pet & Aquarium Show in 2016

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2016 China (Xi'an) Pet & Aquarium Product Exhibition is the first professional & large-scale pet and aquarium industry exhibition held in Xi'an, which is organized by Shaanxi Gerun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd of the Shaanxi famous exhibition organization, and has obtained strong support from the relevant government departments, relevant industry associations and the media industry. This exhibition with the theme of 'Glory Xian, love pet counterparts' , interprets the harmonious culture between human & nature, fashionable & tasteful leisure life mode, presenting a high-grade, high standard professional event for industry professionals and pet lovers.

PA SHOW 2016, based in the west, radiation throughout the country, overseas oriented, digging and expanding distribution channels for the vast number of merchants to build a trading platform to release new products, seek operators, enhance brand and expand business. And it builds national event, and leads the pop elements, so that domestic and international audiences not only can enjoy the happiness brought by the Pet & Aquarium Show, but also can get to know the latest technologies and products in the pet & aquarium industry, and can get business opportunities from the SHOW, promoting business cooperation, and industry healthy & rapid development. PA SHOW 2016 will invite more than 200 pet & aquarium industry leading enterprises at home & abroad, with the planning exhibition area of nearly 20 thousand square meters, and predicted 20 thousand professional audiences & 30 thousand public audiences.

Ⅰ、Exhibition Schedule & Site

Register & Exhibition Arrangement Time: 08:30-18:00   June, 1st -2nd, 2016

Exhibition Time: 09:00-16:30   June, 3rd -4th, 2016

09:00-14:00   June, 5th, 2016

Closing Time: 14:00   June, 5th, 2016

Exhibition Site: Xi’an Qujiang International Exhibition B4 Hal-新葡萄娱乐

Site: No. 1,Nan Jiao Yan Exhibition Road, Xi’an(  East of the TV Tower)

Register site: North door of B4 Hall

Truck Rout: Enter from Southeast of Huixin Road to the square, then go straight to the west by about 300 meters.

Ⅱ、Distribution Map for Exhibition Center Venue 


Ⅲ、Qujiang Exhibition Center Route

Station: Take bus 603, s at the “International Exhibition Center” station, then go through underground passage of subway, and get out from Exit C or s at the “TV Tower” station, then go across the green belt to the east of TV tower.

Subway: Take subway line 2 at the North train station or downtown to “Exhibition Center” station, get out from Exit C to south-west door of the square.

Airport: Take airport bus line 1 to “Bell Tower” station, or line 4 to “ Xiao Zhai” station, then transfer to subway line 2 to “Exhibition” station, get out from southeast exit( Exit C) , walk from southwest door of the square to the square.

Or take bus 603, 215, 600, 616, 239, 229, etc to “TV tower” station, then to the east and go across the green belt.

Or take the taxi from the airport directly to the Qujiang International Exhibition Center (about 140 Yuan).

Self-driving route: Drive directly to the Beltway Road before entering the downtown,  get down from the high speed exit of “Chang’an Road or South door”, drive to the north by about 400 meters, that is the “southwest door” entry of the square.


Others: Take bus 9, 321, 323,106,19,K631, 408, 504,526, 527, 704, 905, 917, 923 to “International Exhibition Center” or “TV tower”.-新葡京开户